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"I ordered and already received my flextone call. You guys don't mess around that was quick service and I am happy with the quality. I have not been in the field with it yet but will be soon. Thanks again for taking such good care of your customers."
Tracy S.

"Thank you for the replacement part for my new MA-21 remote. I can now close my battery door with no trouble. I really appreciate the timely response.  That speaks volumes. BTW, my Foxpro is now officially retired after listening to the MA-21."
Meridian, ID

"I bought a Mighty Atom 21 from Wildlife Callers and it's the best thing I could have purchased for predator calling.  Since owning the call I've used it a lot and I've called more coyotes in a few months with it than I have previously called in my whole life.  I called a double on my first stand.  The calls are so realistic and the sound so clear the coyotes just fly in.  I love my caller."
Rick L
Phoenix, AZ

"You guys are better than good.  I've been messing around for nearly a month trying to get information on a wolf caller and you guys handled all of it in one email & 15 minutes.  Thank you guys!"
Kim M.
"The customer sevice keeps me coming back.  I'll get all of my DPMS stuff from you guys.  Thanks for taking the extra time"
Andy W.
San Diego, CA

"I wish all the owners were like you. Supreme Customer Service! Will definitely keep in touch."
Sean T.
San Jose, CA

"Hey Marc, I got your voice mail last week but was too late to give you a ring back. Hey buddy the MA15 is nothing but the truth!!! My oldest son and I got a chance to use it yesterday and called in two dawgs outta 5 stands, all with 25-30 mph swirling winds.. It is plenty loud even with that damn wind... the cottontail and coyote puppy vocals are deadly on em here in cali...Thank you for the follow up buddy, that is AWESOME customer service and not received very much these days..."
Mark W

"Hey Marc, Just wanted to tell you that I got my MA-21 on the 15th of March, I've had it in the field 3 times since receiving it and have called 10 coyotes! That is about what I would call in a whole season prior to getting my MA-21. On one stand I had 5 yotes come in and man were they comin hard! They came in so fast it was a little scary to be honest, and never got off a shot! I'm hesitant to tell guys about just how good this machine is for fear that they will be calling you up to order their own! Just wanted to let you know how happy I am and thank you for the great service you provided, even though my order was delayed due to the parts shortage, it was worth the wait! Thanks,"
Andrew B

"Marc, Thank you so much for answering my questions and helping me. Well, I got the caller Tues. with 8 inches of snow coming that day. Couldn't wait till Sat.morning the 13th of Feb. 2010 to get out. It was -3 with wind chill, I got set up and 7:10 am. started playing adult cottontail distress, at 7:17 am this coyote came running in hard and fast toward the call, about 60 yards, I shot it. This call is as good as you said, if not more. The sounds are fantastic. Again Marc,thank you for all your help. Thanks."

Tim S.

"Recently I purchased an electronic caller from Wildlife Callers, but not without over thinking the purchase and a couple conversations with Mark. I had finally made up my mind that I wanted the Mighty Atom caller. It is a Friday one week from a hunt that I wanted to use my new caller on. Due to my indecisiveness, I needed to place a rush order and decided to call it in. I was jealous to find out the guy I need to speak with was out calling for the day, but his office said they would try to get in touch with him. I know what kind of service I give my customers if they try to get in touch with me on one of my hunts, so I wasn’t waiting by the phone with my credit card. Short while later I received a call from Mark at his mobile office. We quickly figured out exactly what I wanted. When he found out that I needed the caller in a week, he took time out of his hunt to place the order from the field. I did not even expect a call back from someone out hunting, much less to take time out of their day to help a new customer. What a great company to do business with. Mark went above and beyond for my order and I will not forget it. Due to his efforts the caller showed up the day before the hunt. Thank you Mark!"

"Mark, Just though you might like to know. I received the MA-15 this week and had my first opportunity to use it this evening. I was calling at the edge of a cut corn field in a highly pressured public hunting area in SE Wisconsin. I took your advice and created a "competitive" feeding situation using (6) of the calls supplied with the unit. Within (10) minutes of turning on the caller I had (2) coyotes standing 20 yards from the caller. This is quite remarkable since I have called at in this area numerous times over the years and have never seen a coyote there. I always figured that they were just too call shy. Not any more!"
Sturtevant, WI.

"I just got off the phone with Mark at and wanted everyone to know how great they are to work with. Both Mark's went out of their way to insure that I was getting the caller and sounds that suited my situation best. I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying a Mighty Atom caller. I'm looking forward to meeting the LionCaller in person at the World Predator Expo which is conveniently less than an hour from my house. Hopefully I'll have a few kills by then with my new caller to brag about. Thanks Again guys"
Prospect, OH

"Bob, I have been corresponding with Mark at Wildlife Callers in Arizona and he mentioned that you were thinking about purchasing one of the MA-21 callers and he asked me to touch base with you. I recently purchased a MA-21 primarily for coyote calling. I also expect to use it on crows, foxes and bobcats. I have hunted coyotes all over, using electronic calls, mouth calls and anything else that might bring them in. I have never used anything as clear, as loud, or as realistic sounding as the Wildlife Technologies MA-21. I thought about one of their older KAS 2030 units which has always been rated very highly, but opted for the MA-21. I have hunted behind JS callers, FoxPro, Primos and others, but I have never heard one that even gets close to the MA-21.

In addition to getting the best caller in the industry, I got to deal with great people. Mark and his folks at Wildlife Callers are absolutely top notch. And when you order yours, the check won't get cold before UPS drives up with your caller, I couldn't believe how fast they deliver their product. Customer service at it's best. If you would like to see my caller or hear it just let me know and we can arrange for you to get your hands on it. I believe in it, and I am certain you will too once you've heard it."
Apex, NC

"I have owned Wildlife Technologies callers in the past and I have to say this WT Mighty Atom 21 is the easiest to use and the best sounding of them all. After using one simple button to turn it on, you can nearly start an earthquake with the volume contol. The speaker is VERY loud and VERY clear. It's amazing how good it sounds.

Mark - Thank you for taking the time on the phone to work out all of the details for my sound list. I am very pleased with the new distress sounds and the mountian lion vocalizations you recommended. The Adult Javelina Distress is a riot - never have I heard anything like that. Best wishes to Wildlife Callers in 2010"

John C.
Phoenix, AZ

"Mark, Thank you for the great service and help choosing my sounds. I got my MA-21 just 5 days after I placed the order! I put the Sanyo Eneloop batteries in it that I found on your site and cranked it up. There is NO way to play it at full volume in the house. It is extremely loud and sounds super clear - no hiss, no static, no twang, just animal sounds.

I took it out to the field north of my house above a creek bed and after getting about 50 yards from it, I started some cottontail distress, followed it up with some woodpecker distress and had 2 nice coyotes come out of the creek and head my way. I was surprised and caught totally unprepared - I missed them both! I'll be ready next time. I'm also going to try it on crows. Thank you guys"

Chillicothe, MO

"I ordered the MA 21 from Mark Healy at Wildlife Callers on New Year's Eve. Much to my amazement, Wildlife Technologies built the call, programmed, tested and shipped it yesterday. It's scheduled to be delivered here Thursday. That's some mighty fast service!

Mark is the man, when it comes to telling it like it really is. He will steer you in the right direction and spend all the time with you that you need to make good decisions."
Steve W.
St. Louis MO

"Hey Marc, I ordered a Mojo Critter and a Flextone Echo from you about a month ago and only ended up getting the Critter from you because I was too impatient to wait til' March for the Echo. You called confirming my order and we talked as if we had been friends for a long time. I just wanted to say thanks for the great info about the products and the great personal attention your company provides.

 Although I paid $160 for my Echo from Cabelas, I continually tell people about your company, the great prices, and the fantastic personal attention you provide. The Echo and Critter are awesome! I've only "REALLY' used them twice. The first was last Wed. I called in a place were I knew there should be some, but I'm told it gets hit alot, mostly from guys just road hunting. So I decided to hike down in to the fields.  I was about 400yds off the road and found a good spot with a few clumps of sage(which I put the Echo into) and a stump(which I was able to put the Criiter in so that they were both off the ground) It was my fourth stand. I was 40yds from the call and he came in to about 5yds from the call with his eyes focused on the decoy. My gun was set at too high of power so I had a tough time finding him, and I also had coyote fever, so he turned and trotted away from me. I froze and forgot to whistle so I scoped him in at about 100-150yds and took him down. I've only pheasant hunted before so this is all fairly new to me. It's my biggest kill so far, but I am completely addicted. The call and decoy work great. You suggested new batts for the call but mine have held up fine so far. Anyway, I love them. I've called elk, deer and wild turkeys and now I can add coyotes to that list as well. Sorry for the NOVEL.
I just wanted to say thanks! You and your company are awesome!"
Doug C.
Monticello, UT
I was trying to find a way to post a Testimonial, I navigate better in the sticks than on the internet!  What can I say? You had the lowest price on the internet and FREE Shipping for the DPMS barrel assembly I wanted! I live near Canada and the order arrived in less than 72 hours, something that has never happened before! FANTASTIC! I am so happy I could "Bleep"!
 Ken K.
Glenwood, WA

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your good service. Don't know many folks today who would care enough to call folks on a waiting list for a product though it had been a long wait for the product to be supplied (Flextone ER1). Thanks to both of you with whom I spoke several times during the wait. You were always very gracious and helpful.

With gratitude for good customer service,

Chuck Y 
Maryville, TN

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